Why do I need an account?

Good question!

There are many big benefits to accounts and sync, but here are the major ones.
1: To keep your data safe if you loose or switch devices. 
2: To make sure that your data and purchases are synced across multiple devices.
3: A lot of people are asking for new platforms or web support and sharing. To keep that door open, we need accounts.

But what if I don't want to give you my personal details?

If you are on iOS we recommend updating to the latest version the brand new Sign In With Apple ;). It was designed with your privacy in mind. If you are on Android or if you already have a google account we recommend using that. You can also try out RepCount without an account by selecting the "Create Account Later" option.

In either case we do respect your privacy and because of this we always include an unsubscribe link in any emails sent by us, and also offer you the ability to delete your account and data straight from the app. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to email at feedback@repcountapp.comhttps://secure.helpscout.net/docs/5da7310004286364bc907c6d/article/5db1f7af2c7d3a7e9ae2fe60/

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