Why should I use RepCount to track my workouts?

There are tons of apps for strength training out there, so why should you choose RepCount?

Here are a few reasons that make RepCount stand out:

  • Tracking your workouts is quick, simple, and intuitive
  • Active development and frequent updates
  • Supports both iOS and Android. Want to switch from iOS to Android or the other way around? We got you covered.
  • All Native. We believe that iOS apps should behave like iOS apps and Android apps should behave like Android apps.
  • We value your feedback. If you ever have any feedback or suggestions, email us at feedback@repcountapp.com and you will get a reply... Fast
  • RepCount has been around for a long time. The iOS app was first released in 2013 and is still updated very frequently. You want an app that you can trust for years ahead.
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