How do I log bodyweight exercises?

Bodyweight exercises are logged a bit differently than regular exercises. 

To log a bodyweight exercise properly:

  1. Make sure to enter your bodyweight in the bodyweight field on top of the workout. 
  2. For each set, if you are just using your bodyweight, leave the weight field blank or enter 0. If you are using extra weight, enter that weight into the BW+ field.
So what is BW+ and BW-?

These are abbreviations for bodyweight + or bodyweight -. If you enter 5kg into BW+ that should be it means you are using your bodyweight + 5 kg. If you enter 5kg into a BW- field (for assisted exercises) it means that you are using your bodyweight - 5kg. 

Do I have to log my bodyweight in the weight field?

Well... it depends. 

On iOS? You can enable Apple Health to automatically fetch your bodyweight from any other app that is using Apple Health. We recommend using the Withings smart scale and enable Apple Health. That way you just have to weight yourself and RepCount will automatically pick up your bodyweight. 

On Android? We don't yet support Google Fit even thought this is something that we are looking into. For now you will have to enter your bodyweight into the header of the workout.

If anything is unclear, feel free to drop us a message at

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