Why is RepCount a subscription?

RepCount has a generous free tier where you can log an unlimited number of workouts, free with no ads. To unlock extra features, such as charts and stats, and for advanced logging features like supersets, RepCount has a very affordable subscription fee. 

So why is RepCount Premium a subscription and not a one-time payment?

1: We want RepCount to be the best app on the market for a long time.

Compare it to anything else on the market and you will see that RepCount has a very active development and very frequent updates on both Android and iOS and we hope to be able to continue improving the app for a long time ahead. Pricing a one-time fee to cover the costs of all future development is pretty much impossible. And those that have been around for a while know that we are always adapting RepCount quickly to the new iOS and Android platform updates. Since launch, RepCount has been updated well over 100 times. 

2: RepCount has automatic backups and sync across platforms

For RepCount we have worked hard on bringing the app to the next level by adding accounts and servers, which most free or cheap apps don't have. This ensures that your data is safely backed up and wirelessly synced across devices and platforms. 

3: RepCount has first-class support

Have you ever contacted RepCount support with a feature request or feedback? Then you know that we are super fast to respond. Charging a subscription fee will ensure that we can put full focus on making RepCount a better experience for you rather than spending the time making cheeseburgers ;)

4: RepCount is based on high-end components

The charts in RepCount are based on high-end components normally used in medical or financial applications. Most competitors are using free alternatives, but not RepCount. Why? Because we don't settle for anything less than the best. 

5: RepCount users tend to stick around for years.

This means that it would be unfair to have a one-time fee. Why? Because it would have to be high enough to cover RepCount use for many many years, which would appear too expensive. The subscription fee ensures that you only pay for the time you are using the app and that we can continue to make it better for you for a long long time. 

There you have it. 5 reasons why RepCount is a subscription and not a one-time fee. On top of that, we believe that the RepCount Premium subscription has a very competitive price the best value on Google Play and AppStore today! 

If you have any more questions about this, don't hesitate to reach out at feedback@repcountapp.com. As listed in point nr3, we will respond to you quickly ;)

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