Why is the new timer not available on iOS 12?

You may have seen in the latest update notes that RepCount has been getting a brand new redesigned timer.

If you are on Android or iOS 13, awesome! You have access to the new timer. On iOS 12? Well, you might have noticed that you still have the old timer.

So why is the new timer not available on iOS 12? 

When Apple introduced iOS 13, they also introduced a wide range of new developer tools to make native apps (like RepCount) even more awesome! Unfortunately, they did not make these tools compatible with iOS 12😔.

RepCount is an extremely small team, it's just me! With the goal of keeping RepCount the most awesome app out there for tracking workouts, supporting iOS 12 for the new timer would have forced me to use old technology. For the 95% of you that are on iOS 13, this would have resulted in a worse experience. My advise? Go update to iOS 13. It's awesome! 

Can't update to iOS 13? 

RepCount will still be supported on iOS 12, but new features and updates may be optimized for or in some rare cases like this one not available. This is necessary to stay ahead of the competition and make RepCount the best app it can be for 95% of you. Hope you understand

If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to reach out at feedback@repcountapp.com


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