What does single arm/single leg mean in exercise settings?

We just added support for single-arm/single-leg exercises in RepCount. Measuring volume when comparing different exercises is not trivial. For example, how would you compare a dumbbell curl and a barbell curl? If you use a 20kg dumbbell, and a 40kg barbell the total weight would be the same (20x2 = 40), but if you only log the weight of a single dumbbell, which is what most people do, the volume would be half of the barbell exercise even though they should be equivalent.  

NOTE: If you have been tracking the combined weight of dumbbells instead of the weight of a single dumbbell, the volume will be overestimated with this update. Please scroll down to read more, or reach out to support at feedback@repcountapp.com

What has changed?
In RepCount you can now set an exercise as "Single arm/Single leg". What this will do is it will double the weight when doing volume calculations to make volume tracking more accurate. For the default exercises, this will be applied automatically. Thus the volume of a dumbbell curl of 20kg would be equivalent to a barbell curl of 40kg

What if you have logged the combined weight of the dumbbells previously?

While most of you have logged the weight of a single dumbbell, some have used the combined weight instead, due to the lacking support of for single-arm/single-leg exercises in previous versions. Going forward you have the following options.

  1. Disable single arm/single leg for individual exercises. To do this, go to edit exercises (in the main options menu on Android or in the Profile tab on iOS) and switch the single arm/single leg toggle to off. 
  2. Disable single arm/single leg settings for all exercises. Don't want this change at all? Then go to settings (main options menu on Android, or profile and the settings icon on iOS) and switch it off altogether. This will make the app behave as in previous versions. 
  3. Keep the setting on and edit your sets. This can be an option if you don't have a lot of data track. To manually go in half the weight of the entered exercises. 

If none of these options work for you, please let me know at feedback@repcountapp.com and I'll see what I can do. If there is enough demand for it, I might be able to build something to make the migration process smoother. And if you have any questions or feedback on this change or anything else, don't hesitate to reach out. 

Hope you like the new changes!

//Simon from RepCount

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