How do I switch between iOS and Android?

Thinking about switching from iOS to Android or the other way around? No problem!

Here is how to do it:

  1. If you don't have a RepCount account, go ahead and create one now. If you are on iOS, this is done in the profile tab and if you are on Android you can open the main menu and find the option there. 
  2. Download the app on your new phone and sign in.

That's it! All account types including email, google or sign in with apple are available on both platforms. 

What happens with my premium purchase when I switch?

If you are on a subscription plan

You just have to sign in using your account and you are done. Your subscription will still be valid on your new phone if you sign in using the same account. Please note that you will have to manage the subscription on the platform you bought the subscription on. So to change accounts or cancel the subscription you will have to do that where you bought the subscription. 

If you are on the old non-subscription iOS plan

RepCount for iOS currently has a subscription price. However at RepCount I respect your purchase and you will have access to RepCount for iOS for as long as you use it. However, the Android app has been subscription based from day 1 because of the additional costs for servers and infrastructure I use and for this reason I am not able to offer free premium for those that purchased the old in app purchase. If you have any questions around this, feel free to reach out to me personally at

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