Troubleshooting Google Fit Sync

NOTE: Google is removing support for Google Fit have told all developers to move over to their new Health Connect replacement. We are currently working on adding support for Health Connect and to will remove the direct Google Fit integration. However, the new Health Connect will in turn sync with both the Google Fit app, as well as Samsung Health and FitBit

I can't enable Google Fit Sync

If you are not able to enable Google Fit sync, the reason is most likely that you have denied permissions for RepCount to read and write physical activity. These are required to be able to sync your workouts. 

To enable permissions for RepCount to sync you can do the following. 

1: Open the RepCount settings and try to enable Google Fit sync.  2: If you get a permission dialog, press accept and you are done. Your workouts should be synced automatically

If you are not getting a permission dialog, likely, you have previously denied RepCount access. You can still set the permissions in the Settings app. Here is how. 

1: Open the Settings app. 2: Press apps and notifications 3: Select RepCount 4: Press Permissions 5: Press physical activity and make sure that you have allowed RepCount access.  6: Open the RepCount in app settings and enable Google Fit Sync.

Now your workouts should be synced. Please note that it can sometimes take a while until synced workouts appear in the Google Fit app,  especially if you are using multiple devices. 

My workouts are not showing up in Google Fit even though sync is enabled.

Google Fit can only sync finished workouts. So to sync your workouts, make sure to finish your workout when you are done. To be synced with Google Fit it is a requirement that the workout has a start time and end time and that the end time is valid.

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