Troubleshooting the iOS Live Activity/Lock Screen Widget

Having trouble getting the Live Activity to show up? Here are some things that can help you out.

Make sure you have an active workout

The live activity is only shown for ongoing workouts. It is not started for historic workouts or for future workouts. It is also removed as soon as the workout has been finished (end time has been set).

Make sure your device is running iOS 16.2 or later

In order to be able to use the live activity to show information about the current workout and active timers in the lock screen and dynamic island you need to make sure that your device is updated to at least iOS 16.2. Here is how to update your phone

1: Open the settings app

2: Tap general

3: Tap software update

4: Make sure your device is updated to at least iOS 16.2 or later

Make sure RepCount has permission to show the live activity.

The first time RepCount shows a live activity, you will see buttons to enable or disable the live activity. If you tapped to disable the live activity, RepCount won't have the permission to show it. Here is how you can enable it by doing the following:

1: Open the settings app.

2: Scroll down and tap RepCount

3: Make sure that Live Activities is enabled

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